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Table Olives

Kalamata Olives are often described as the queen of olives due to it's wonderful flavours and firm texture. We cure and pickle our Kalamata olives in two ways; salt brine curing and dry curing. The first are left in brine for up to a year and then bottled in a low concentration brine, without vinegar or any other preservative. We do this in order to keep the natural taste of the olive. Due to the complete absence of preservatives our olives should be kept in a fridge and eaten within a week to ten days of opening the container.

The second way is dry curing where we put the ripe olives and coarse salt in drums with perforated bottoms. The salt extracts the bitter liquid that runs out through the holes. After 6-8 weeks the olives are washed, rubbed with olive oil and bottled. This gives a soft olive with concentrated olive flavour.

Our brine cured Kalamata olives are available in 400g (225g nett) containers.
Our dry cured Kalamata olives are available 150g containers.

We also sell fresh olives for home pickling. These olives (Kalamata and Mission) normally ripen from March to May. If you would like to be notified when they are available please send an email to info@portion36.co.za

We have a Kalamata Guide for home picklers, click here to download.

Portion 36 Kalamata Club is an informal network consisting of people who buy olives from us and pickle themselves.
Members receive updates and news on what happens in the orchard and our pickling room. Once a year we organise a get-together on the farm where we share experiences, new wisdom, challenges and - our pickled olives. We do blind tastings and also have a lucky draw for batches of olives from the coming harvest. Olive club members also get to pick the first weekend of harvest. Anyone who buys olives from us is welcome to join. The Kalamata Guide is a result of the Kalamata Club's contributions. If you are interested to join, send us an e-mail: info@portion36.co.za
If you haven't bought or picked olives from Portion 36 yet we will put you on our mailing list.

Kalamata Club