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Table Olives

Portion 36 makes two types of table olives, the black Kalamata and the green Nocellara.
Kalamata is often described as the queen of olives due to it's size and flavours. A ripe cured Kalamata has dark colours ranging from brown to purple but never pitch black. Completely black olives have been dyed with food colour. A Nocellara is ripe and ready to cure when it is still green. It is round, sometimes also of size as a Kalamata.
Both are cured in the same way but end result is very different. Kalamata is fruitier and milder whilst Nocellara is crisp and nutty. Both are delicious and can be eaten as they are or used in cooking.

We cure our olives olives in a 10 percent salt brine for minimum a year. When debittered and to our taste they are bottled in a lower concentration brine, without vinegar or any other preservative. We do this in order to keep the natural taste of the olive. Unopened and kept cool the olives last for a long time. When opened, due to the complete absence of preservatives, the olives should be kept in a fridge and eaten within a week or two.Our olives are available in (225g nett) glass jars or in plastic buckets containing 3kg nett.

We also sell fresh olives, Kalamata and Mission, for home pickling. They are normally harvested in April and May. You can order online, click HERE. We courier in buckets of water to avoid bruising and oxidation.

We have a Kalamata Guide for home picklers, click here to download.