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Portion 36 make five different Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

Coratina, Frantoio, Leccino, Favolosa and Delicata

Each oils' name is the same as the olive cultivar it is made from.
The oils are Cold Extracted and Unfiltered. We have our own mill and we farm organically and waterwise. Our mill does not use water in the milling process. The olives travel a few hundred meters from the orchard in to the mill and become oil within hours from when they were picked. This ensures optimal freshness and quality.

The different types of olives are all Italian cultivars. They do have typical Italian oil characters such as green, fruity and pungent flavours but each oil has its own character. With a selection of our different oils you can explore and find the olive oil of your taste and liking. Olive oils can be very exciting sensations of flavours and, it is always possible to make your own blend.

The olive's ripeness is a major factor in determining the taste and quality of the oil. Green, unripe olives make a more pungent and bitter oil.

The olive's freshness is another factor that influences the taste and quality. Our olives are pressed the same day as they are picked and the oil is stored stainless steel tanks by cultivar. 

Most people look for the term Extra Virgin in olive oil. This is a guarantee that the free fatty acids level in the oil is less than 0.8 percent, the peroxide level is less than 20ppm and that the oil is free of defects. It is a minimum quality standard that you should always insist on.

An oil with this guarantee has been extracted at a temperature under 27 degrees C.

We do not filter our oils, we like to keep as much as possible of the natural flavour from the olive.  As a result the oil may appear cloudy or even have a small harmless sediment.

Olive Oil is a fruit juice which is sensitive to light, heat and and air. Our oils are packaged in metal cans and in tinted bottles. That protects the oil from air and light. Your oil should be stored in a dark, cool place.

The cans and bottles have labels which information which makes the oil traceable and dates for harvest and Best Before.
The fresher, the better tasting the oil. However, good quality olive oil is a stable product and stored in a cool, dark place it can have a lifetime of up to two years from harvest. Unique for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also that every label is Handwritten.

Portion 36 still recommend that our, and other oils are used before 18 months to get the full appreciation of this wonderful product - olive oil. Unlike wine olive oil does not improve with age.

Like with any food, look, smell, taste - and open your heart to olive oil!

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