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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic we were fortunate to operate during our 2022 harvest. We were almost back to normal from last year's drought and we could employ a team of pickers for the whole season. We are very pleased with the result both quantity and quality and we can offer 6 different Extra Virgin Olive Oils this year. Five are monovarietal – Coratina, Delicata, Favolosa, Frantoio, Favolosa and Leccino and there is also an Estate Blend if you want to have the best of each of the five cultivars. The oils are available in 375 ml dark green glass bottles and 1 litre metal canisters.
We make small quantities of natural Kalamata olives. They are cured in salt water for minimum one year and preserved in brine. No preservatives are added. Our Olive Oil Sopas made from 100 percent Portion 36 Olive Oils are a bliss for any skin and especially for those of us with allergies to perfumes or preservatives. We normally stock Lavender, Lavender Buds, Olive Leaf Tea, Fynbos and Cedarwood.. To order any of our products click here.



Coratina 2022

Coratina olive oil is famous for its pepperiness which often can be of chilli strength. A
full bodied olive oil with rich, spicy notes of bitter almonds, artichoke, fresh herbs and a
hint of green tomato. Its intense flavours and bitterness leave an interesting aftertaste.
We recommend Coratina for red meats, for marinating and as a spice. The persisting
flavours makes it ideal for cooking experiments.

375ml. R115 - 1l R230

Delicata 2022

Portion 36 Delicata 2022 is a soft, sweet and fruity oil with aromas of almonds, walnuts
and hints of oregano. On the palate there are notes of marzipan. Delicata is a mild oil
but is still have some characteristic pepperiness that one can experience in the back
you the throat.We recommend Delicata for tomato dishes (to moderate acidity) for salads (just oil and
some lemon juice) and for baking and desserts.

375ml. R115 - 1l R230

Estate Blend 2022

Portion 36's Estate Blend this season is based on Frantoio but all our cultivars
contribute to this fullbodied well balanced oil with intense aromas and flavours. Fresh
and green notes of artichoke, bitter almond and herbs. Strong but pleasant peppery
We recommend Estate Blend for bruschetta and other breads, for salad dressings with
a balsamic or on its own. An allround olive oil.

375ml. R115 - 500ml R135 - 1litre R230

Favolosa 2022

Favolosa is an Italian olive variety, similar to the traditional Frantoio but less robust. Our
Favolosa 2022 is herbaceous with notes of artichoke and green banana. Grass and
olives leaves gives a distinct bitterness on the palate followed by a moderate peppery

375ml. R115 - 1l R230

Frantoio 2022

2022 Frantoio is characterised by aromas and flavours of artichoke, green apple, unripe
tomatoes and dried herbs. A fullbodied oil, intensesly fruity with a good balance
between the bitter greens and sweet notes of pineseed. Black pepper characterisess
the pungent finish.
We recommend Frantoio for any food where you want add the "extra". An excellent
condiment and for dipping a fresh bread.

375ml. R115 - 500ml R135 - 1l R230

Leccino 2022

Leccino is a traditional Tuscan olive oil. Our Leccino has aromas of green and ripe
olives, fresh grass and celery. There is a spicy and bitter sensation on the palate with
notes of artichoke and olive leaves. The peppery finish is distinct but not overwhelming.
We recommend Leccino for raw vegetables and grilled dishes like fish or chicken. Also
ideal for a a leafy green salad dressing.

375ml. R115 - 1l R230

Kalamata Olives in brine

Portion 36 Kalamata olives are cured in a salt brine for minimum 1 year. They are thereafter bottled in a 6 percent salt brine with no preservatives and additives. A natural olive. We sell the cured Kalamata olives in small bottles or 3kg plastic buckets. For larger quantities please contact us at info@portion36.co.za

Bottle 225g nett - R45 Bucket 3kg nett - R320 (incl bucket with lid)



At Portion 36 we have our own small olive mill - a modern centrifuge made by Toscana Enologica Mori in Italy. We are able to press small batches of olives for external customers - if you are interested please contact Arend Hofmeyr at arend@portion36.co.za, or on 082 333 4167.