Portion 36 Olive Orchard     Devonvale     Stellenbosch

Birgitta and Arend Hofmeyr do most of the work on the farm themselves. During harvest they are assisted by a local picking team - all olives are picked by hand. Visitors are welcome to Portion 36 by appointment - click the Contact page for details.


Open your heart to Olives!

Portion 36 Olive Orchard is a small boutique olive farm located in Devonvale, 7 km outside Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, South Africa. Portion 36 Olive Orchard is owned and run by Arend and Birgitta Hofmeyr.

There are nearly 2000 olive trees in our orchard. We planted the trees ourselves in 2007. We farm organically and feed the trees natural composts. Good soil and happy and healthy trees produce good quality olives. At Portion 36 we use both modern technology and old fashioned common sense – a combination that results in wonderful olives and a grateful environment. We love fresh and natural olive products, we pick our olives by hand and all products are made by us on the farm.

We make mono varietal Extra Virgin olive oils from five different cultivars. Visit our Olive Oils page for more information. We have our own press and besides pressing our own olives we press for othe small producers. You are welcome to visit our farm and do an olive oil tasting (by appointment).

We also make natural Kalamata table olives in a salt brine. See our Table Olives page for more information. We have a Kalamata Club for home curers and the club has published a Kalamata Guide.

Winter Estate Blend
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2016

A tasting experience led us to make a Winter Estate Blend of our 2016 oils. We only have a small amount and would like to offer this special at a discounted price. The Winter Blend is made primarily from Frantoio and Coratina so it is a big, fruity oil with a distinct pungent finish. Really perfect for winter food. BB date for 2016 oils is September 2018.
The Winter Blend is R150 for 1 litre and R600 for 5 litres. We can deliver anywhere in South Africa. See our Sales page for orders.

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